[Ifeffit] Feff Compatability

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Jan 12 16:27:29 CST 2004

Hi Vivek,

> I would like to know if it is possible to run the Feff program on
> a Unix system. Right now I am running it on a PC which takes a
> long time to run. If it is possible, is there anything else I
> would need for Feff to run other than the executable and maybe the
> DOS compiler.

Feff6 is included with the Ifeffit source code kit for Unix
(ifeffit.tar.gz).  This version is perfectly good for almost all
EXAFS problems, and the results work fine with Ifeffit.  If you're
interested in XANES calculations, you'll need Feff8, which must be
obtained from U. Washington (see the Feff web site for details).

The feffNNNN.dat files from Feff6 can be moved between Unix and
Windows and work fine with Ifeffit and Feffit.

I should say that Ifeffit has been tested most extensively on Linux
systems, and less so on other variations of Unix.  The PGPLOT
graphics used by Ifeffit can be painful to install on non-Linux
systems, but if you only want Feff6 you can install Ifeffit without
graphics.  To install Ifeffit on Unix, download the latest
ifeffit-XXXX.tar.gz, unpack this file, and follow the directions in
the INSTALL file.

But: Feff6 shouldn't take a long time to run on a Windows PC.  Any
ideas why it is taking so long??


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