[Ifeffit] Export "flattened" normalized spectra

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Wed Aug 25 12:09:51 CDT 2004

On Wednesday 25 August 2004 10:35 am, Norbert Weiher wrote:
> just found my problem - if you select a single set and do a "save norm(E)",
> it does what I want. but when I select multiple sets, it just saves the
> data which are not flattened (see picture, I created the two data sets by
> (i) saving the actual set as norm(e) and (ii) saving the marked set as
> norm(e)). Usually, I save more than one data set per file - thats why I
> usually use the "save marked sets as" option.

You are describing a bug that existed until recently.  My notes say
that it was fixed in version 0.8.030.  If you are using 0.8.030 and
still seeing this problem, I'd like to continue this discussion off
the mailing list so I can understand the problem.


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