[Ifeffit] Running Feff in Artemis -- More info

dmc at pdx.edu dmc at pdx.edu
Wed Aug 11 11:34:55 CDT 2004

Hi guys,

     Thanks for the help, I'm sorry I wasnt completely clear.  I thought there 
might be an easy answer and there still may. I will elaborate.

    I have tried to 'Run Feff' several times.  Including several of the Cu 
database files one your suggestion.  Every time, I 'run Atoms' without a hitch 
and then when I 'run Feff' I get the error message:  There are no feffNNNN.dat 
files...etc.  The output window says:  'feff6' is not recognized as an internal 
or external command, operable program or batch file.

    I am indeed operating in Windows.  I do have the latest updated for 

    The Feff.INP file does get created in this directory: 
               It is 6 KB. 

     Maybe this helps some, I will look at some more of your comments to see if 
I can figure it out.  

                 Thanks Again, Dan 

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