[Ifeffit] Minor bugs in the new versions

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Thu Apr 29 10:12:35 CDT 2004

Mark, Gerrit, Bruce, 

Thanks!!  OK, it's an issue with virtual memory.  For everyone else
experiencing this problem, details of how to set virtual memory in
Windows XP are at:

It's probably similar for othe versions as well:  deep in
Control-Panel->System, and buried under tabs named 'Advanced'.

Mark wrote:

> 3. It seems like more and more of the posts to the Ifeffit list are
> about general EXAFS things like (for a recent example), what k-range to
> use. Bruce and Matt and others have been very helpful to the needy, and
> I can tell it has been much appreciated. (I think I already know the
> answer to my following question). Has it been considered to "split" the
> Iffefit list into 2 topics, 1 for general XAFS and 1 for Ifeffit and
> related programs. (Suspected answer.... "Great idea Mark, we've talked
> about this before, why don't you volunteer?")
We have considered it and are willing to consider it again.  The
traffic has been high lately: it's hard for me to keep up.  But the
kmin/kmax questions seems like a good example of the overlap between
general EXAFS and 'how do I operate athena/artemis' questions, and
suggests that it's worthwhile to keep it that way.

It is easy to add mailing list(s) at millenia.cars.aps.anl.gov or
sourceforge.net.  Right now there is one by choice. Well, there is
also a Feff discussion list, too.  Having XAFS-related mailing
list(s) and/or other internet-based knowledge systems at the IXS
website was discussed on this list this past winter (starting in Nov
2003).  My view (I can't speak for Carlo or Grant) is that it was
decided to wait, partly to determine what technologies were needed
and would get used. 

Of course, membership in this list is voluntary and the archives are
world-readable, and no one would be offended if people read the
archives at their leisure without joining.  Currently, posts from
non-members need approval, but that's to avoid spam not to
discourage posts, and legitimate questions get passed on as soon as
Bruce or I see them.  It's easy to change these settings.

Is changing or adding lists desired?  If you have an opinion
(especially of the 'we need a change' variety), send me a private
email (newville @ cars.uchicago.edu) in the next week or so. Don't
be shy about asking for something that seems hard: If it's too hard,
we won't do it, but the world-editable FAQ turned out to be easy
(and special thanks to Peter S for all the additions!).

Bruce wrote:
> One solution to this problem is to have a web based bug tracker
> that people can submit their bug reports to.  This wouldn't
> necessarily result in faster fixes, but it might help my memory
> problems.  I don't really have access to a machine where I could
> set one up, but if someone wanted to volunteer, that would be
> great.
Sourceforge.net provides a bug tracking system. I haven't looked
into how to set it up or use it.  If someone knew how to do this or
was willing to figure it out, that would be great.



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