[Ifeffit] Minor bugs in the new versions

Jensen, Mark P. mjensen at anl.gov
Thu Apr 29 09:10:45 CDT 2004

I agree with Gerrit on this. This morning I took a look at the two
"nearly identical" computers and found that

1. Athena and Artemis each consume about 230 MB of memory to run on my
Windows 2000 or XP computers.
2. That the computer that could run both Athena and Artemis with 128 MB
RAM had a considerably larger maximum virtual memory setting (600 MB)
than the computer that would not (300 MB). Increasing the size of the
virtual memory on the latter computer allows both to run.

Bruce, as long as that is the amount of memory the programs should use,
I guess that means this is not a minor bug in your software. In my case,
it's a user that was being miserly with hard drive space.

Mark Jensen

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Matt Newville schrieb:
>  2  I can definitely run artemis and athena at the same on a Windows 
>     machine, so I doubt there's a lock on Perl's Ifeffit.dll.  I'd
>     assume that if other people could only run one of these at a 
>     time there would be many complaints.
>  3  On my WinXP box, athena and artemis each use about 55Mb at 
>     startup -- without reading in any data.  That seems to be about
>     50% Ifeffit / 50% Perl/Tk (the ifeffit shell takes ~24Mb). 
>     I don't know enough about what changed to guess why the memory 
>     usage would've changed between versions of artemis and athena,
>     but I think they should both be able to run in 256Mb.  Anyway, 
>     I'd suggest watching the memory usage in TaskManager as you 
>     start athena and artemis to see if it really is a memory issue.

I now think its a memory problem, too.

My computer is running Win2000, 256 MB of RAM, virtual memory is fixed
to 400 MB.
I started the Windows Task manager to watch memory usage:
- without any programs running (except virus scanner, ..) its 119 MB
- After starting Artemis it goes up to 412 MB
- Athena won't run

Then I set the virtual memory to fixed 600 MB.
- After starting Artemis it again takes ~400 MB
- Athena now starts! Memory usage is ~700 MB.

But shutting down one program before starting the other has been OK for
me, too.


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