[Ifeffit] Minor bugs in the new versions

Schmithals schmithals at hmi.de
Thu Apr 29 04:05:51 CDT 2004

Matt Newville schrieb:
>  2  I can definitely run artemis and athena at the same on a Windows 
>     machine, so I doubt there's a lock on Perl's Ifeffit.dll.  I'd
>     assume that if other people could only run one of these at a 
>     time there would be many complaints.
>  3  On my WinXP box, athena and artemis each use about 55Mb at 
>     startup -- without reading in any data.  That seems to be about
>     50% Ifeffit / 50% Perl/Tk (the ifeffit shell takes ~24Mb). 
>     I don't know enough about what changed to guess why the memory 
>     usage would've changed between versions of artemis and athena,
>     but I think they should both be able to run in 256Mb.  Anyway, 
>     I'd suggest watching the memory usage in TaskManager as you 
>     start athena and artemis to see if it really is a memory issue.

I now think its a memory problem, too.

My computer is running Win2000, 256 MB of RAM, virtual memory is fixed 
to 400 MB.
I started the Windows Task manager to watch memory usage:
- without any programs running (except virus scanner, ..) its 119 MB
- After starting Artemis it goes up to 412 MB
- Athena won't run

Then I set the virtual memory to fixed 600 MB.
- After starting Artemis it again takes ~400 MB
- Athena now starts! Memory usage is ~700 MB.

But shutting down one program before starting the other has been OK for 
me, too.


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