[Ifeffit] RE: Ifeffit Digest, Vol 14, Issue 23

Scott Calvin scalvin at slc.edu
Tue Apr 27 11:13:35 CDT 2004

Hi Bruce,

This is very reminiscent of problems I and my students have been having,
but I have not had time to try to track down the reproducibility and
behavior, and figured sending you a message "Artemis crashes a lot" was not
terribly helpful. Based on your preliminary diagnosis, I do, however, have
a thought. Are control characters non-Ascii for this purpose? Because I
probably have "ctrl-s" scattered all over the place. That happens because
within the journal ctrl-s does not save, but rather tries to enter that
character into the journal, leading to a little box. Likewise, I used to
get that behavior when I was in certain places on the GDS screen, although
I can't seem to get that to happen now--maybe the new version fixed that
somehow? But the journal does still have that behavior.

I'm using Windows XP and Artemis 0.7.003. 

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

>The information you sent me suggests a problem in trying to handle
>text that uses non-ascii characters.  Unfortunately the trap file
>artemis generated does not give me enough information to make a good
>guess as to the problem, but I have a guess.
>Are you using non-ascii characters (which is almost, but not quite,
>the same thing as characters that are not found on a normal english
>keyboard) in any of your data files, your feff or atoms input files,
>in any of your parameters, in the project journal, or on the
>properties page?  This is the kind of thing that would happen if a
>non-native english speaker wanted to use text in his or her own
>language in one of the places I asked about.  If the text you use does
>not have an ascii representation and requires use of unicode, that
>might make trouble for Artemis.
>It is surely a reasonable thing to want to make notes in a data file
>header or artemis' journal using one's own language.  Indeed, that is
>so important that I should make sure that Artemis allows that.
>Of course, that might not be the problem at all.
>Has anyone else seen this problem?

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