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Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Mon Apr 26 20:12:48 CDT 2004

OK, I admit this isn't an athena question (but it is about how to take 
the raw data for it!).  I want to do biaxial strain measurements.  The 
idea is to deposit a thin film of the material to be investigated on a 
substrate and then deform the plate with a form of cylindrical 
symmetry.  One can then solve for the stress of a plate using 
elasticity theory.  The twist is that I need a plate that is stiff and 
(surprise) x-ray transparent ... and heat resistant to about 250 C.  
Kapton would be a wonderful choice, but is only made in thicknesses up 
to 175 microns (hardly stiff enough).  There must be someone out there 
in the collective iffeffit world who knows of an appropriate material.  
Doing some web surfing, I came across another product by DuPont called 
Vespar that *may* be available in thicker forms.  The specs I am 
looking for are:  a thin (semiconducting) film has to stick to the 
surface, heat resistant to <=250 C, thick enough to be elastically 
stiff, and x-ray transparent.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for any help 
that may come my way in advance!

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