[Ifeffit] Ifeffit for Mac OS X / Fink

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Wed Apr 21 13:01:49 CDT 2004

On Wednesday 21 April 2004 01:26 pm, Matt Newville wrote:
> horae_update sort of works for me, but not well enough to use with
> the binary installer.  It tries to build Ifeffit.bs, the link
> between perl and the ifeffit library.  Currently, this gives several
> warnings about unneeded Framework stuff and produces a non-working
> Ifeffit.bs for me:  This seems to be due to how ifeffit wants to
> link with my version of the PGPLOT library.  This is solvable, but
> it means altering Makefile.PL (and probably re-building PGPLOT to
> make Makefile.PL easier).  Another issue is that horae_update
> installs to /usr/local/bin, which means the clickable icons in
> /Applications/Ifeffit won't point to the updated versions.  Again,
> that's a small Mac-specific alteration to Makefile.PL.  BTW, none of
> this is Bruce's fault: using /Applications/Ifeffit is very
> Mac-specific, and horae_update expects 'normal perl on Unix' rules.

It should be easy enough to modify horae_update and/or Makefile.PL to
recognize this situation and act accordingly.  For the installation
location business, that is easy enough to change at "make install"
time.  Look at the `private_install' script to see how it is done --
it's easy.  As for changes to Makefile.PL to build a working .bs file
-- just let me know what needs to be done and I'll make the changes.


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