[Ifeffit] Fink for Mac OS X and debian for Linux (was: new versions of my programs)

Jeff Terry terryj at iit.edu
Mon Apr 19 15:51:44 CDT 2004

I, agree with Matt on this one. A good mac installer is much more 
useful to me than a Fink package.

I, as well have stopped using Aquaterm due to the lack of a cursor. 
Oddly enough, this is a major omission for
something that is fairly trivial to implement programatically. It may 
be that passing the coordinates back is the
problem rather than getting them from the window. But I really haven't 
looked at the Aquaterm source in any depth.


> == On the Aquaterm/PGPLOT terminal:
> The last time I looked (many months ago), the Aquaterm device for
> PGPLOT did not support the cursor.  That seems like a big drawback
> to me. The current binary install of Ifeffit uses a PGPLOT library
> that I built myself, with the X11 but not the Aquaterm device (of
> course, athena and artemis also require X11...).  I'm willing to
> have both X11 and Aquaterm devices, but I could not get the Aquaterm
> device to build from source the last time I tried.  If you (or
> anyone else) knows how to do this, that would be very helpful.
> Finally, I think that getting the Mac Installer and horae_update to
> work together is better than building a Fink package.
> --Matt
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