[Ifeffit] Windows Update

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Apr 19 15:16:16 CDT 2004

Hi Folks,

I've posted a windows update that includes Bruce's latest Athena,
and Hephaestus, that he described a week ago.  It also has a couple
other fixes: 

 - a problem with runprog.exe got fixed so that running 
   autobk,feffit, and feff6 now works correctly for 
   directories that contain a space in their name.

 - the updater now includes two additional parameters that
   may help those people who were having problems with the
   updater timing out before downloading files. These are
   both in updates\updater.ini:
       timeout_connect  is the time in seconds to connect to 
                        to http://cars9.uchicago.edu to read
                        what the update level is and verify
                        that a connection can be made.

       timout_download  is the time in seconds to download a
                        zip file.

   If you have problems with the updater, try increasing these 
   numbers from their default values of 60seconds and 2400seconds.

Sorry for taking so long on this.


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