[Ifeffit] Ifeffit 1.2.4

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Thu Oct 30 09:35:09 CST 2003

Hi Everyone,

I've uploaded Ifeffit version 1.2.4 to the Ifefft web pages, and to
Sourceforge.net.  This version has a few long-promised fixes, and

== Bug fixes: the bug of 'n_varys' not being correct is now fixed.  
Several of the program limits were increased (lengths of strings,
number of Feff paths, etc) and better reporting of these limits.  
Long label lines should be handled better now in read_data() and
athena. Feff6 now works on Windows.  A few more bug fixes are
mentioned in the ChangeLog file.

== Feff6, Feffit, Autobk: these 'input-file' based programs can now
all take the name of an input file with a name other than
'feff.inp', 'feffit.inp', and 'autobk.inp' as a command line
argument (on Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows).  On Windows, the batch
files now pop up a file browser so that you can browse for a
feff.inp file, and Feff6 will be run with that input file, in that
directory (and similarly for feffit and autobk).

== Diffkk: This has (finally!) been updated to allow f1->f2
transforms. This still needs testing, but works for a test case.  
Sorry for taking so long, Michel!

== Mac OS X: There is now a disk image with a crude installer that
will install the latest versions of ifeffit, feff6, feffit, autobk,
athena, artemis, tkatoms, and a few other programs for Mac OS X (but
not gifeffit or sixpack -- yet). Fink is NOT required to run these
programs, but there are a few important caveats: This installer will
work only with OS 10.2, requires X11 to run (the X11 beta3 from
Apple works OK for me), and assumes the Apple-supplied perl 5.6 (it
won't work with perl 5.8).  I realize that OS 10.3 just came out
(which ships with X11 and perl 5.8) -- I don't yet have it installed
yet, but expect to support it relatively soon.  If anyone gives this
installer a try, please let me know how it works.  If you want to
get these programs to work with 10.3 and/or 10.2 with perl5.8, let
us know: we can make it go much smoother now than in the past.

== Windows: There is a full installer (30Mb) or an update (8Mb) from
Ifeffit 1.2.3 that can be automatically installed.  These include
latest versions of athena and artemis (and ifeffit, feff6l, feffit,
and autobk) are included.  If you install from the update, make sure
you double-click on make_bats.exe afterwards!!!

== Other Announcements: As some of you may know, , my wife Julie had
a baby two weeks ago.  We're very happy, and everybody's doing well.  
But as a result I'm spending a lot less "extra time" at work these
days, and it will probably stay that way.  This will cut down on my
ability to support Ifeffit, especially to build and fix the Windows
versions which I have to do at work (though I do count it as real
work, it's not always the highest priority).  On the other hand, I
can work on the source and Mac versions from home between diaper
changes and other real work.  The Windows installer and updater for
1.2.4 are much less tested than they should be: please report
problems and be patient, as it will take time to fix any problems!!!

I'd also like to repeat Bruce's plea for help earlier this week.  
It's likely that the level of support and ability to respond to
problems will drop, and we really do need help. If you're using
these programs as an integral part of your research, please consider
what they're worth to you and what you would have to do if these
programs didn't exist.  If you can help, either with making releases
for Windows or Macs, with program documentation or web pages, or in
any other way, please contact us.

As always, let us know if there are any questions or problems,


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