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Oops. Scott meant to send this to the list, of course.


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On Wednesday 29 October 2003 10:12 am, SCalvin100 at aol.com wrote:
> I would like to add to Bruces' post one other quick "reality check."
> Look at Athena and see where E0 was picked there. It's possible that
> for some reason you have an E0 in Athena way above the actual rising
> portion of the energy spectrum, in which case Artemis is actually
> doing the right thing by moving it back to the correct energy
> origin. You really don't want to depend on Artemis to fix a poor E0
> choice in Athena, though, so if that is the case then you should
> choose a more reasonable E0 in Athena and feed the resulting chi
> file back in to Artemis.


Did you send this to the list or just to me?  The headers seem to
suggest the latter -- in which case it is weird the Scott is referring
to Bruce in the third person ;-)

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