[Ifeffit] Tk804.025_beta

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Tue Oct 14 08:51:27 CDT 2003

On Tuesday 14 October 2003 04:02 am, Guoqiang Pan wrote:
> Dear ifeffit colleagues, I would like to install the Linux version
> for Artemis in my RedHat8.0 system, as suggested in download page it
> should install first pgplot, ifeffit, and the latest version of
> perl/Tk. The first two are OK, but for perl/Tk I had some problem. I
> downloaded Tk804.025_beta.tar.gz, and unzipped the file. Using perl
> Makefile.PL to produce the Makefile file. But after type make, I had
> the problem: [root at localhost Tk804.025_beta2]# make Makefile:95: ***
> missing separator.  Stop.
> I had tried other versions for perl/Tk, but the problem is the
> same. Please help me to solve it. Thank you very much. I attached
> the Makefile and Makefile.PL.log , the file produced after perl
> Makefile.PL > Makefile.PL.log

Well, it is certainly true that the Makefile has an error at line 95.
It would be easy to correct the error (just add ='' to the end of the
line).  But it is troubling that there was a problem in the first

I did some searching at groups.google.com for information.  Apparently
the 804 series does not build on perl 5.6.  I do not know what version
of perl RH8.0 ships with, but if it is 5.6 you will either need to
upgrade perl or downgrade perl/Tk.

Judging from the commentary I found, it seems that the version you
downloaded and tried to build is on the savagely bleeding edge.  I am
using an older, more stable version on both of my computers.  I put a
tarball on my web site:
Since I am not using 804.025 myself, Athena and Artemis do not
currently use any features present in 804.025 that are absent in
800.024.  Try building that version.

Does RedHat not provide an RPM for perl/Tk?  I would be surprised if
not.  SuSE and Mandrake both do.  If they do provide an rpm, it seems
that would be the best way to proceed.  Here is a link to a
three-week-old rpm built for RH9.0 and 800.025.  I do not know how
well it will work on your RH8.0 system, but it may be worth a try if
you cannot find one on your RH CD or on the RH web site.

Since you are not the first person to ask me about 804.025, perhaps it
would be prudent for me to find some time to try installing it and
testing A&A out with that version.  

Hope that helps,

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