[Ifeffit] odd Athena behavior on file import

Carlo U. Segre segre at iit.edu
Mon Oct 13 11:12:02 CDT 2003


Speaking of bugs in the standard perl-tk.  Do you know if they have fixed
the errors in FBox which requires you to use a patched version in horae?


On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Bruce Ravel wrote:

>Hi folks,
>An odd situation was pointed out to me this weekend that I wanted to
>mention here on the list.  I see the problem I'll describe below on
>both Windows and linux and I presume it is a problem on all platforms.
>The "Open many files" dialog in Athena is very handy for importing
>large numbers of data files.  However, there is a strange interaction
>between this dialog and folders with apostrophes in the folder name.
>As an example, suppose I put my data file in a folder called "Bruce's
>Folder".  If I try to read that data file using the many-files dialog,
>I get a strange pop-up error message stating that the data file is a
>directory and refusing to import the file.  Some additional and
>inscrutable error messages are written to standard output.
>Interestingly, the single data file dialog has no such problem.
>Thus, if you put your data in a directory that has an apostrophe (such
>as "Bruce's Folder") you will not be able to use the many-file import
>dialog.  The two options are to avoid apostrophes in directory names
>or to read in the data one-by-one.
>This seems to be a bug in something from the standard perl/Tk library
>and not in my own code.  I'll contact the appropriate person, but I
>cannot guarantee a fix any time soon.

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