[Ifeffit] odd Athena behavior on file import

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Oct 13 10:35:15 CDT 2003

Hi folks,

An odd situation was pointed out to me this weekend that I wanted to
mention here on the list.  I see the problem I'll describe below on
both Windows and linux and I presume it is a problem on all platforms.

The "Open many files" dialog in Athena is very handy for importing
large numbers of data files.  However, there is a strange interaction
between this dialog and folders with apostrophes in the folder name.

As an example, suppose I put my data file in a folder called "Bruce's
Folder".  If I try to read that data file using the many-files dialog,
I get a strange pop-up error message stating that the data file is a
directory and refusing to import the file.  Some additional and
inscrutable error messages are written to standard output.

Interestingly, the single data file dialog has no such problem.

Thus, if you put your data in a directory that has an apostrophe (such
as "Bruce's Folder") you will not be able to use the many-file import
dialog.  The two options are to avoid apostrophes in directory names
or to read in the data one-by-one.

This seems to be a bug in something from the standard perl/Tk library
and not in my own code.  I'll contact the appropriate person, but I
cannot guarantee a fix any time soon.


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