[Ifeffit] Slight Problem with the new ARTEMIS

Peter Pfalzer peter.pfalzer at physik.uni-augsburg.de
Tue Oct 7 04:35:54 CDT 2003

Hi all,

> I found a slight problem with the new ARTEMIS - I use the latest package for 
> ifeffit (1.2.3) and HORAE (0.24).
> When you do a fit and look at the fit results for the current fit it seems 
> that the program does not update all fit statistics the first time you do a 
> fit. For example, when I switch from a single-shell fit to a dual-shell mode 
> (from 4 to 8 variables), I get still 4 variables in the first run. When I 
> re-calculate, it updates everything correctly. It's just for the number of 
> variables - the rest seems to be updated in the first run.

I believe this is not an ARTEMIS problem but an IFEFFIT bug: I have seen 
the same behaviour on updating of "#(fit variables)" while using GIFEFFIT.


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