[Ifeffit] 30 element detector data in athena

Vivek S. Murthi visriniv at lynx.dac.neu.edu
Mon Oct 6 16:00:59 CDT 2003

Hi Matt, Bruce..

Athena could not open files from NSLS beamline X10C vax machine which has 
data in the form of .XFS. So, I converted it to *.dat and made it look like 
a dat file from NSLS beamline X 11a. Athena doesnot give me any prompt for 
incompatability but it simply crashes and closes. The data I have is from a 
13 element detector, so there are about 38 columns of data. I am not sure 
if this would make Athena crash. If So, do you have any suggestions to 
overcome this.


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