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Dean Hesterberg dean_hesterberg at ncsu.edu
Wed May 28 11:23:22 CDT 2003


I just wanted to echo Scott's sentiments.  If someone has the time and
energy to create for the Mac an executable version of the
Artemis/Athena/IFEFFIT programs  (and keep them updated), I'd also be very
grateful.  Being unfamiliar with Unix, I experienced the same problems as
Scott in trying to get the programs up and running on my Mac.  So, I bought
a PC laptop specifically for doing data analysis with these very nice

Dean Hesterberg

Hi again,
>OK, I've reached a conclusion. For someone not currently using the
>open source UNIX tools and the like on the Mac, the project of
>getting Artemis, Athena, and IFEFFIT up and running is immense,
>because it means getting a large amount of additional infrastructure
>in place. Consider: Fink is required. Once Fink is installed, the
>x-free87-base package is required. That package, in turn, requires
>downloading 12 separate files (one-by-one, as far as I can tell). And
>that's just one part of a part of what is required (g77, pgplot,
>perl...). My estimate is that, with my lack of experience, it would
>take me a week full-time to get all this stuff working right. That's
>not a problem, of course, for people who already do development on
>the Mac and have most of this stuff set up anyway, or at least find
>uses for it other than getting the EXAFS packages to run. But it's
>too much of a time investment for me, and I suspect that the same is
>true for a lot of others in the field.
>So I'm going to scrounge a pc from somewhere, transfer my data files
>>from the Mac, and download the executable there.
>If at some point an executable appears for the Mac, I will thank the
>authors profusely...I realize that no one is getting paid to work on
>--Scott Calvin
>Naval Research Lab
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