[Ifeffit] Getting started in OS X...

Jeff Terry terryj at iit.edu
Tue May 27 16:53:08 CDT 2003

Try typing




If that doesn't work,

go to the directory that ifeffit is in and type


Let me know if that works. Note, that is a very old version of ifeffit, 
it may not work under newer versions
of OS X. I just have not had time to update the binary installer.


On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 04:50 PM, Scott Calvin wrote:

> Hi all,
> Forgive what is essentially a naive Mac question (I think), but 
> perhaps it would be of service to others hoping to get IFEFFIT and the 
> companion packages up and running on OS X:
> As background, the small amount of UNIX experience I have is coated 
> with a 15-year layer of rust. I would very much like to start using 
> Matt's and Bruce's new packages on my Mac, but am finding the 
> installation process a bit daunting. I'm therefore starting simple, 
> with what I suspect is a simple problem.
> I downloaded the IFEFFIT binary installer for OS X from the IFEFFIT 
> home page, installed it, changed the .tchsrc file in my home directory 
> as indicated in the installation directions, and restarted. I then 
> opened the terminal program that comes with OS X, typed IFEFFIT and 
> got:
> ifeffit: Command not found.
> I can see the program sitting in the right directory, and even if I 
> sit in that directory and type the command I get the same response. I 
> am using system 10.2.6.
> What am I missing or not doing?
> And if that works, then I'll start in on Artemis and Athena...
> --Scott Calvin
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