[Ifeffit] Windows Installer for Ifeffit 1.2.0

Mark Jensen mjensen at anl.gov
Mon May 19 09:08:12 CDT 2003

Bruce, Matt, and the curious:

Thanks for clarifying your distribution philosophy.

>I think we haven't figured this out yet.  Is it OK to download
>ifeffit-1.2.0.exe as the basic installer, and then install
>whatever updates to athena/artemis may exist on top of that?

>>I thought that people were, by and large, happy with the solution of
>>dropping new athena & artemis exes on top of the old ones rather than
>>downloading the 30MB installer every time I make an update.  Since I

I very much like the current system of being able to 'plug-in' new versions
of Athena and Artemis exe's as they are made available. I just wasn't sure
if that approach was being abandoned.

>>In any case, either you got confused updating or we got confused
>>building the installer.  It *was* our intention that the new installer
>>have Athena 0.8.019 and Artemis 0.6.004.

As far as what happened in the installation goes I'm not sure who was
confused. Maybe I was pushing the installer a little too hard:

I definitely chose the correct program to install Ifeffit 1.2.0 because:

1) Its filename is 'ifeffit-1.2.0.exe' which makes the choice pretty obvious
2) Ifeffit 1.2.0 was installed
3) When I repeated the procedure on Monday morning, making absolutely
certain that I used ifeffit-1.2.0.exe, I was still left with Athena 0.8.015
and Artemis 0.5.008. (Those must have been the most recent versions of
Athena and Artemis that I was using on that computer... I thought I was more
up to date.)

As I have done for Ifeffit installations in the past, I did no
uninstallation or file deletion before trying the new install and I
installed into the same directory as the existing version. When this
Ravelware trouble caused me to look more closely at the directory contents,
the only files that had May 2003 dates were the *.bat files and the new
Ifeffit files. The dates on Athena and Artemis were still March 2003!
However, during the install, I saw the installer say that it was unpacking
Artemis and Athena. Apparently it did not install over the old versions (but
it did install Ifeffit 1.2.0?!).

The Solution:

So, I uninstalled Ifeffit and deleted the remaining contents of the Ifeffit
directory (Keeping my fingers crossed that the new install would work). The
ensuing activation of ifeffit-1.2.0.exe now gives me the correct versions of
Ifeffit, Artemis, and Athena!

Now let's do some fitting.

Thanks for your thoughts,

Mark P. Jensen
Chemistry Division
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Argonne, Illinois  60439-4831
630-252-7501 FAX
mjensen at anl.gov

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