[Ifeffit] Windows Installer for Ifeffit 1.2.0

Mark Jensen mjensen at anl.gov
Fri May 16 17:14:51 CDT 2003

Bruce and Matt and everybody else,

I am probably missing something, but the Artemis and Athena splash screens
from the new Ifeffit 1.2.0 windows installer that I just used say that it
installed Athena 0.8.015 and Artemis 0.5.008 and Ifeffit 1.2.0.

Initially, I thought that the windows installer would (as in the past)
include the latest (and greatest) versions of Athena and Artemis. But now
that I think about it more, Matt seemed to indicate that he wants a stable
distribution, which might mean older versions of Athena and Artemis. Bruce's
website, on the other hand, seems to say that the windows installer for
Ifeffit 1.2.0 would have the most recent windows versions of Artemis and
Athena. I politely ask, which of these ideas is winning and when can windows
users hope for some new versions of the Ravel-ware.

Mark Jensen

Mark P. Jensen
Chemistry Division
Argonne National Laboratory
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