[Ifeffit] Re: ifeffit_1.0077 compilation problem

SCHLEGEL Michel 177447 schlegel at azurite.cea.fr
Fri May 9 02:31:44 CDT 2003

Dear Everybody,

> I can then start a beta series for new features and build
> systems, and expect only beta testers to be affected.  Any
> comments on this?

Just a suggestion (discard it right away if it looks like it 
will take too much time):

Why not copying the well-proved Linux bumbering of versions, 
and reserve odd numbers for test versions, and even numbers
for "stable" versions? This would allow simple laymen to 
benefit from the outstanding capabilities of Ifeffit, while
allowing the "clergy" to summon the debugging deities on
well-iddntified newborn versions...

Best regards,

Michel Schlegel

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