[Ifeffit] athena 0.8.015 and artemis 0.5.008

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Mar 27 16:10:42 CST 2003

Hi folks,

I am releasing a new source tarball for Athena and Artemis today along
with windows executables of both programs.  They are available in
their standard places on my web site.

  One small change in how title lines are handled.  Other than that,
  this release is identical to the last.

  Lots of small bug fixes and usability enhancements, including:
   1. You can rearrange the order of the parameters on the Guess, Def,
      Set page.
   2. You can rename data, feff calculations, and feff paths.  This
      changes how they are displayed in the list, how paths are
      reported after a fit, and how legend strings are generated for
   3. Control-right-click or middle-click on an item in the Paths list
      will pop up a contextual menu.
   4. A parameter can now be set as a "skip" parameter (as well as
      guess, def, or set).  This means that Athena will ignore that
      parameter when building an ifeffit script for fitting.
   5. You can now save multi-column data files where the columns
      contain the selected (i.e. highlighted in orange) items from the
      paths list

  I am hoping to start work on multiple data set fits in Artemis real
  soon.  The next release will, I hope, have my first stab at that.

Special thanks this time to Simon Bare for pointing out a very strange
bug in Athena.  Also I should point out that starting work on the
Artemis document proved to be a good way to find bugs and other weird
behavior in Artemis.  Most of the changes this time are a direct
result of stuff I found while trying to start the document!


P.S.  The bug in how Athena handled titles is extremely specific.  It
was triggered by having a title line in a data file which had a
percent sign (%), a hash (#), or an exclamation point (!) inside of
matching parentheses somewhere on the line.  Then, the problem was
only triggered on Windows.  I could not reproduce it on linux, only on
Win2k.  I also have not yet been able to reproduce it in a simpler
context using the ifeffit command line.  My temporary solution is to
remove %, #, or ! from a title line if Athena is running on Windows.
This is a bad solution because Athena should preserve the contents of
the headers unaltered.  However, it seems more important that Athena
plot and remove backgrounds and do Fourier transforms.  Thus, I
decided to release this crude hack with a promise to return to the
problem later.  Also, I think that Athena's removing those three
characters is only a small sin.

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