[Ifeffit] A question for Windows users

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Mar 17 10:46:24 CST 2003

Michel and Matt,

Thanks for the feedback.  I am of the same opinion as both of you,
both about how the bit after the dot should be used and about
Explorer's annoying hide-the-extension feature.  However, in
developing software, there is always the issue that the software might
behave in a way that will confuse the user for reasons that are
entirely procedural and not central to the function of the software or
the chore it attempts to perform.  I sometimes have trouble guaging
which features of my programs will fail in that way since I am (1)
intimately familiar with how my programs operate, and (2) a rather
idiosyncratic computer user to begin with.  Fortunately, I now have
the resource of our mailing list to help me when I get confused about
these things.  Thanks for the help.

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