[Ifeffit] Rebinning

Kelly, Shelly D. SKelly at anl.gov
Wed Mar 12 13:52:45 CST 2003

Hello All,

There seems to be a lot of interest in Rebinning data.  I have a perl script
I've written to do the same thing.  I thought it might be of interest.


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> Hi Carlo,
> Thanks!!  That's wonderful.  It seems like this should be an
> option in spline() and bkg_cl(), and possibly in pre_edge().  I
> admit to being still a little confused by the goal of the
> rebinning, especially with respect to loss of resolution.  It
> seems like to use this script, you need to do two things:
>   1. select an E0.   The data will be put at energies that
>      will give an even k-grid with this e0.  I think it's 
>      inevitable that if e0 changes, you might want to re-bin. 
>   2. assume that the k-grid is small enough that the 
>      measurements at independent energies are within the
>      acceptable energy resolution that they can be 
>      simply summed.
> Is that right? 
> Would it be OK with you (and everyone else) to have a weighted
> average replace the boxcar average?  For example, at k=12,
> [E(k+0.05) - E(k)] = 5eV, which is larger than normal energy
> resolutions, so the boxcar average might wash out the high-k
> EXAFS, no?  It might be better to convolve the spectra with a
> lorenztian reflecting the incident energy resolution (probably
> defaulting to 1eV).  Does that seem OK or is there something eles 
> going on? 
> Anyway, thanks!!
> --Matt
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