[Ifeffit] Re: debian packages

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Mar 6 08:20:27 CST 2003

Hi Carlo,

Just about everything you are asking about involved some history.  In
each case, your guess for what to do is the right thing.
> 1. horae overwrites two files which are already in atoms
> 	./bin/tkpod
> 	./share/man/man3/Chemistry::Elements.3pm.gz
> Are these different files in the two programs?  Is there are good reason
> why they need to be in horae since horae seems to depend on atoms being
> installed (at least that is how I would like to structure Debian
> dependencies)?  If they can safely be removed from horae, what is the best
> way to modify the source tree for this purpose?

Not different.  Each tarball has a copy so that one can be installed
without the other.  Eventually I intend for atoms to be rolled into
the other tarball.... eventually....

> 2. horae has the Tie-Watch perl module included which is in the standard
> Debian perl-tk package.  Is your version significantly different that the
> stock version?  if not, what will be the best way to remove it from teh
> distribution since horae should be dependent on perl-tk being installed
> anyway?

Tie::Watch was not a standard part of perl 5.6 but it is with 5.8.  I
started using Tie::Watch while I was still using 5.6 on my computers.
If you make your .deb dependent on a deb of 5.8 then Tie::Watch should
not be necessary.

> 3. horae seems to rewrite another module which is in perl-tk
> 	./lib/perl5/Tk/FBox.pm
> Again, is this different than the stock version and how can it be removed
> from the source distribution for Debian packaging?

I don't like how FBox.pm works and at one time had a notion of
rewriting it.  I have made my peace with what I see as flawed behavior
but never thought to remove FBox from the tarball.  Go ahead and do so.

One of the nice things about perl build and install routines is that
it deals well with these situations.  I suppose that is why I never
needed to deal with any of them myself.


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