[Ifeffit] XAFS 12

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Sat Jun 7 13:06:57 CDT 2003

Hi Everyone,

Many people on this list will be at the upcoming XAFS 12 conference,
and have probably seen the notice for the microsymposium on XAFS
analysis programs.  Bruce will talk about the 'Ravelware', I'll talk
about Ifeffit etal, and several real luminaries in the field will
talk about XAFS and XANES analysis.

The conference is a great chance for many informal discussions about
the ifeffit programs.  At this point, there are many possible
directions for development and improvement and I (and I assume Bruce
and Sam) would love to hear feedback on what the priorities
for new functionality and development should be.

It might be good to set aside a lunch time (or beer-time?) to talk
about development priorities.  I'd tenatively pick Thursday lunch
(after the analysis symposium and most posters/talks to be able to
learn some things from the conference), but maybe we can finalize
the time and place at the Tuesday evening analysis symposium. A few
possible topics of discussion are 'Installation on MacOS X' and
'Getting GUIs that run Feff6', but there may be other issues.

If you're interested, please feel free to join the discussion, and 
see you in Malmo!


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