[Ifeffit] Self-Absorption Corrections

Peter Pfalzer peter.pfalzer at physik.uni-augsburg.de
Fri Jul 25 09:04:15 CDT 2003

Dear François,

>> But when integrating over large solid angles, the exact geometry of 
>> the experimental setup plays a crucial role in determining the 
>> selfabsorption correction and I doubt that a useful implementation 
>> into iFeffit would be possible.
> yes but if you say so nothing will ever work. one has to start. I would 
> be amazed to see that one day, the perfect self absorption correction 
> code will work.

Maybe the point I wanted to make here wasn't clear enough.
When you start integrating for a large solid angle detector you have to 
take into account the distance from the beamspot on the sample to the 
detector, vertical and horizontal projection of the position of the 
beamspot on the detector, the shape and size of the detector, cutoff 
angles, ...
I didn't want to say this is impossible or won't work (it does). I'm 
just not sure how the realization of this complex task could look like, 
so that the number of satisfied iFeffit users will justify the time Matt 
spends on writing the code.
Of course you have to start somewhere go get something to work. But this 
is where I would NOT start. An easy to use small solid angle version 
with only a couple of unambiguous parameters seems a much more favorable 
starting point to me.

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