[Ifeffit] Re: [athena, artemis,Ifeffit, etc.] OS X installer?

Carlo U. Segre segre at iit.edu
Wed Jul 23 10:39:57 CDT 2003

As I understand it, fink is very similar to the Debian packaging system.
Perhaps the Debian sources that i have made and will continue to support
will help speed up the process.


On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Paul Fons wrote:

>I am also thinking of making an OS X binary installer (for those who
>don't want to deal with fink etc.).  The installer would be for
>installation on a generic Mac OS 10.2.x system and would include
>ifeffit, athena, artemis, tkatoms, and the necessary libraries.  All of
>this would be in effect, just copying over the necessary binaries with
>only a minimal check for safety.  The other option is fink which would
>allow the use of potentially binary installations and/or compilation.
>The compilation step would require people to install the (free) C
>compiler from Apple.  Any one else interested in using or helping with
>such a project?

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