[Ifeffit] [athena, artemis,Ifeffit, etc.] OS X installer?

Francois Farges farges at univ-mlv.fr
Wed Jul 23 02:16:35 CDT 2003


I can/want2 help despite I tend to think that these series of great 
software are a nightmare to install as compared to all others.

I've experienced many times that makefiles poorly work in general 
from one computer to another (same platform).  I guess this is more 
time consuming for developers and direct compilation would be much 
more efficient.

So making binaries for everybody is what every software people do, 
otherwise it is  very discouraging because 99% of the people don't 
care for unix, windows and makefiles as we have tons of exafs data to 
reduce (and handy and very powerful software also exist on the 

all the best, Francois-
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