[Ifeffit] Self-Absorption Corrections, Wavelet Transforms

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Jul 21 20:04:30 CDT 2003

Hi Everyone,

There were several conversations around the XAFS 12 conference on
self-absorption corrections for EXAFS.  It would be nice to add such
corrections (and others, like for deadtime corrections) to Ifeffit.

Corwin Booth (at LBL lab, Berkeley) presented a very nice procedure
for making these corrections for EXAFS at the conference, improving
the work of L. Troger, et al from the mid 1990's.  Corwin just sent
me the Fortran source code for his program so that it might be
included in Ifeffit, and is letting me pass it on.  I put the source
code (with a Unix Makefile and some instructions) at
with a README at

I'd be interested in hearing others opinions on this topic, and
whether this should be included in Ifeffit.  A self-absorption
correction that worked better for XANES would be useful too.  If
you've thought about self-absorption corrections or have some data
affected by self-absorption corrections, please check out Corwin's
code and let us know what you think of this.

Speaking of things to check out, Francois Farges recently created 
a web page discussingCauchy Wavelet transforms of EXAFS data at

The site includes MATLAB code and references.  These transforms are
very interesting and I recommend checking out this stuff.  There was
also a recent email from Harald Funke sent to many people about a
different code for Wavelet transforms.  If I get permission from
Harald, I'll post these codes too.

Related to all this, I added a 'Contributions' page to the Ifeffit
Web Pages, for "contributions and/or things to consider for XAFS
analysis and Ifeffit".  Currently, this has links to Corwin's
self-absorption correction code, and Francois' Wavelet web page.  
If anyone has any suggestions for other things to add, let me know.



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