[Ifeffit] Re: Estimating error in XAS

Scott Calvin scalvin at anvil.nrl.navy.mil
Mon Jul 7 17:43:29 CDT 2003

Matt Newville writes:

>Using a solid-state detector with low-concentration samples, it's
>common to do a couple scans counting for a few seconds per point,
>then more scans counting for longer time (say, first 3sec/pt then
>10sec/pt).  The data is typically better with longer counting time
>(not always by square-root-of-time), but you want to use all the
>noisy data you have.  In such a case, a weighted average based on
>after-the-fact data quality would be useful.

This was the kind of example I was looking for. I agree that in this 
case it makes sense to use the high-R noise estimate for averaging, 
and thus it's useful to have this option implemented in software.


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