[Ifeffit] Athena 0.8.009

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Jan 9 14:26:58 CST 2003

Hi Folks,

Since it has been almost a month since my last release of software and
since I expect to be busy for the next couple of week, I decided to
release all the stuff I worked on over the holidays.  There are no
changes to Artemis this time, but lots of changes to Athena.

A new tarball and a new Windows executable for Athena are on my
website.  Lots of bug fixes this time, so I recommend that everyone

Check out the change log on my web page for all the new stuff.  The
highlights are
  1.  Fixed the problem involving long file names.  Now the group name
      used by Ifeffit is constrained to 8 characters and is different
      from the string displayed in the groups list.  This solves a
      number of recent complaints about mysterious misbehavior.  It
      has the additional benefit of allowing you to change the string
      displayed in the group list to something that has spaces or
      non-alphanumeric characters.
  2.  Implemented a "recent files" feature under the File menu.  This
      remembers the 8 most recent files that you read into Athena and
      allows you to reread them quickly.  It uses an external file, so
      it "remembers" between sessions with Athena.
  3.  Added a dialog accessible from the Plot menu which allows you to
      quickly and easily set the y-offset values for marked groups in
      a way that is suitable for stacked plots.

There are several other bug fixes and small improvements.  And the
documentation lags ever farther behind -- sigh!

Extra thanks this time around to Dale Brewe.  He pointed out an
alarming number of problems one December afternoon while I was working
at his beamline.  I think I fixed all of them.


P.S.  I have not yet addressed the problem in Artemis which Michel
Schlegel pointed out earlier this week.  What's mpre, command line
users will notice that Artemis spits up a cryptic warning about an
"Un-named file" as it starts up.  I believe that warning can be safely

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