[Ifeffit] maximum argument length?

Peter Southon p.southon at usyd.edu.au
Mon Dec 22 22:11:39 CST 2003

Hello all,

Is there a limit on the total length of arguments that follow an Ifeffit 
command? If so, is there a way of expanding the limit?

I've constructed a rather complicated model which uses 37 paths (mostly 
multiple scattering). Furthermore, quite a few of these paths are sensitive 
to scattering angle, so I have calculated FEFF files for three versions 
each of most paths (each for a different scattering angle), as suggested in 
the course "EXAFS Analysis with FEFF and FEFFIT" and the old Feffit manual. 
Thus the final Ifeffit command calls on a lot of FEFF paths, each 
specifically numbered according to path and angle.
Unfortunately, after adding a few extra paths I get error messages when 
running the feffit command: "feffit:unknown key" followed by a list of 
paths about halfway through my list, and also "feffit: no chi(k) data 
array?". I assume that this is because ifeffit will only swallow half the 
command, which is:

         37, 3800,3810,3820,3900,3910,3920,4000,4010,4020,4100,4110,4120,
         chi = data15.chi, macro = plot_fit)

Short of actually renumbering all my paths so that they run sequentially, 
is there any solution...?

Have a merry Christmas,


Peter Southon
Research Fellow - School of Chemistry
University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia
+61 2 9351 4425 

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