[Ifeffit] Installer for Mac OS 10.3

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Dec 19 17:30:53 CST 2003

Hi Everyone,

I think I have a reasonably well-tested installer for Mac OS 10.3
(ifeffit-1.2.4_Mac10.3.dmg) at the usual download sites (see
http://cars.uchicago.edu/ifeffit/download.html).  Please try it out,
and let me know how it works.

This disk image contains a normal Mac Installation package, which
will install clickable Applications for Athena, Artemis, TkAtoms,
PeriodicTable, Feffit, Autobk, and Feff6, putting them in
/Applications/Ifeffit.  The "Ravelware" programs all launch the GUIs
directly (and X11 is automatically started if it is not running).  
Clicking on the applications for Feffit, Autobk, or Feff6 will open
a file chooser for you to choose the appropriate input file, which
will then run the corresponding program in that folder.  For those
interested in using the Unix command-line all of these programs,
plus the ifeffit command-line program and diffkk can be run from a
regular Terminal or xterm.

This installer does not require any Fink-based software, but it does
require OS 10.3 and X11 to be installed. (X11 can be installed from
the OS 10.3 disks or from Apple's web pages).  The installer here
WILL NOT WORK with OS 10.2. If you're planning on using 10.2 for
awhile and really need to get Ifeffit running, please contact me.  
I think this is possible, but a little more work than can easily put
into a single installer.

SixPack is not included in this distribution.  This may be possible,
but I have not gotten SixPack (more accurately, some of the python
GUI tools that SixPack depends on) to run on 10.3.

If you've been following along with the conversations with Paul Fons
on getting Perl/Tk, Athena, etc running on 10.3 from sources, please
be aware that this installation will _OVERWRITE_ many perl modules
(Tk, Xray, Ifeffit, etc) in /Library/Perl.  My experience is that it
is perfectly safe to overwrite, rename, and move this folder, but
you should be aware that this installer will write to /Library/Perl
as well as /Applications/Ifeffit.  The installer here assumes Perl
5.8.1 (that's the system-supplied one), and uses Tk-804_025_beta6.
If you have Fink installed, there should be no conflict with that
software.  This Ifeffit distribution is _not_ using Fink's PGPLOT,
but it shouldn't cause problems unless you are using that PGPLOT for
another purpose.

If you know _anything_ about AppleScript or Apple Programming or are
just interested, please don't hesitate to play with the scripts in
the Ifeffit/applescript folder and make suggestions. 

If you have any trouble or questions, please let me know.


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