[Ifeffit] Re: Ifeffit Digest, Vol 10, Issue 2

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Dec 5 15:49:34 CST 2003

Hi Zhan,

Thanks for the report.

>     One thing I noticed is that the link below does not work on my 
> computer.  Both Netscape and IE have trouble to find the file. However, 
> if the filename removed from the link, the correct directory showed and 
> the file can be found there. I am not sure what is wrong but it seems 
> the browsers do not like the filename (or something else).

First, sorry, I forgot about a weird translation error on our web 
servers.  The address

will work.  (Really, it's an error that only affects files ending in
.exe _and_ use 'cars.uchicago.edu' instead of 'cars9.uchicago.edu'.  
We've been bitten by it before, but I forgot about it).

>     Once the file downloaded, and installed, it is relatively 
> smooth-going.  But I first did that a strange way: I freshly install the 
> Iffefit 1.2.4 downloaded Nov. 9th 03. And I run the updater came with 
> the version (dated Oct-12, 03). I was told two updates available and I 
> decide to go with it. It seems working ok. Athena was launched.  Then I 
> quit Athena and install the updater-1.1.  And it seems messed things up. 
> First I noticed the new updater was named updater_old.exe (with a recent 
> date).  Then when I launched Athena, the old updater run again and did 
> the two updates without progress bar.  Upon finishing, Athena launched 
> fine.  Next I quit and tried to relaunch Athena--only found out the Path 
> for the '.bat' files were all changed to C:\Program Files\Iffefit 
> instead of my installation directory C:\Iffefit. I did not pursue this 
> too far believing I was doing it wrong way.  I deleted (rather rudely) 
> all files in the installation directory and reinstalled Iffefit and then 
> installed the new updater before launching any program.  Everything is 
> fine now and no weird thing happened.
>     I would guess no one else will do it my way. But just let you know 
> things might go out of control if run in wrong order.

Hmm, I'm not sure you'll be the only one (but I hope so!!).  It 
should rename the old updater.exe to updater_old.exe, but that it 
didn't write the new one is disturbing.  Anyone else see this?


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