[Ifeffit] Re: Ifeffit Digest, Vol 10, Issue 2

Zhan Zhang zhanzhang at northwestern.edu
Fri Dec 5 14:58:03 CST 2003

    One thing I noticed is that the link below does not work on my 
computer.  Both Netscape and IE have trouble to find the file. However, 
if the filename removed from the link, the correct directory showed and 
the file can be found there. I am not sure what is wrong but it seems 
the browsers do not like the filename (or something else).
    Once the file downloaded, and installed, it is relatively 
smooth-going.  But I first did that a strange way: I freshly install the 
Iffefit 1.2.4 downloaded Nov. 9th 03. And I run the updater came with 
the version (dated Oct-12, 03). I was told two updates available and I 
decide to go with it. It seems working ok. Athena was launched.  Then I 
quit Athena and install the updater-1.1.  And it seems messed things up. 
First I noticed the new updater was named updater_old.exe (with a recent 
date).  Then when I launched Athena, the old updater run again and did 
the two updates without progress bar.  Upon finishing, Athena launched 
fine.  Next I quit and tried to relaunch Athena--only found out the Path 
for the '.bat' files were all changed to C:\Program Files\Iffefit 
instead of my installation directory C:\Iffefit. I did not pursue this 
too far believing I was doing it wrong way.  I deleted (rather rudely) 
all files in the installation directory and reinstalled Iffefit and then 
installed the new updater before launching any program.  Everything is 
fine now and no weird thing happened.
    I would guess no one else will do it my way. But just let you know 
things might go out of control if run in wrong order.



>Hi Everyone, 
>I've posted a new version of the Updater program for windows -- 
>the program that automatically looks for updates to the Ifeffit++
>distribution for Windows.  This is distributed in the form of an
>installer program, and can be downloaded from
>  http://cars.uchicago.edu/ifeffit/src/ifeffit_updater-1.1.exe
>or from the Sourceforge.net site (see the Ifeffit Download page).
>Installing this (to the same directory as Ifeffit is installed in!)  
>will upgrade versions 1.2.1 and higher of Ifeffit to "the latest",
>including a new version of the updater program and the latest
>versions of athena and artemis.
>The new updater shows progress for downloading uppdate files so it
>shouldn't appear to "just sit there and do nothing", and should have
>a much better chance at successful downloads.  This updater also
>"remembers" the last time it looked for updates.  Once it has looked
>for an update, it won't even look for another day (and this 'wait
>time' can be increased).
>I recommend all Windows users to install this updater.  In a few
>minutes I'll post a new 'update' as well.  This should test wether
>the new updater is working.  Please do NOT install this with the old
>updater, but rather install the new updater first, which should make
>the updater should run the first time you run an Ifeffit program.
>Please let me know if there are problems!!
Zhan Zhang
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