[Ifeffit] Windows updates

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Dec 5 10:30:42 CST 2003

Hi Everyone, 

I've posted a new version of the Updater program for windows -- 
the program that automatically looks for updates to the Ifeffit++
distribution for Windows.  This is distributed in the form of an
installer program, and can be downloaded from


or from the Sourceforge.net site (see the Ifeffit Download page).

Installing this (to the same directory as Ifeffit is installed in!)  
will upgrade versions 1.2.1 and higher of Ifeffit to "the latest",
including a new version of the updater program and the latest
versions of athena and artemis.

The new updater shows progress for downloading uppdate files so it
shouldn't appear to "just sit there and do nothing", and should have
a much better chance at successful downloads.  This updater also
"remembers" the last time it looked for updates.  Once it has looked
for an update, it won't even look for another day (and this 'wait
time' can be increased).

I recommend all Windows users to install this updater.  In a few
minutes I'll post a new 'update' as well.  This should test wether
the new updater is working.  Please do NOT install this with the old
updater, but rather install the new updater first, which should make
the updater should run the first time you run an Ifeffit program.

Please let me know if there are problems!!


PS: next up is a "real" installer for Mac OS 10.3.  If there are any
    people who need or want to use Ifeffit with Mac OS 10.2, please 
    let me know.

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