[Ifeffit] stability of athena

Mark Jensen mjensen at anl.gov
Tue Dec 2 08:32:50 CST 2003


Are you sure that you have successfuly read the raw data? Perhaps Athena is
crashing in the data import section because of some strange file format.I
have been using Athena and Artemis under Windows 2000 for some time now, and
the only time I can recall having trouble with crashes is when I have closed
(not just minimized) the PGPlot window that pops up once the data is
imported. If you close that window Artemis will crash. Well at least it used
to crash, maybe Bruce has "fixed" that I just try to remember not to close
the Graphics window.

Mark Jensen

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I was hoping to get some help on the use of Athena.  Iam new to XAFS, and I
installed the latest version of the ifeffit staller (1.2.4) on my pc running
windows 200 professional.  i can read my raw data, but once this is done,
program crashes when I try to manipulate it.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you in advance for your help.
-Antek Wong-Foy
University of Michigan
Chemical Engineering
3230 HH Dow
2300 Hayward
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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