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Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Oct 17 08:33:37 CDT 2002


I think you replied to me rather than to the list, so I am answering
to list.

You said:

 jjr> It's great to have the hints on artemis usage. My friendly
 jjr> suggestion would be to complement this with sample input/output
 jjr> so one can follow along a worked example. The "examples" in the
 jjr> artemis source are somewhat useful in this respect, but hacking
 jjr> one's way wasn't completely straightford for me.

I have been thinking about how to provide useful, interactive examples
and documents for the programs.  It's difficult.

The example projects for Artemis are certainly incomplete works-in-

There is a README file in the examples directory for Athena that is
helpful, but should, I guess, be an html file.  The project files in
both programs' examples directories do have journal entries that help
explain what's going on and give suggestions for other things to do.

The journals are accessible from the Edit menu in either program and
are a space for writing notes about the project.  The journal is saved
in the project file along with all the data.  The idea is that you have
a space to record note so that, in 6 months, you can recall why you
did all the wacky things in the project.  Not using the journals?  You
should be ;-)

So, I agree that the examples are not all they could be.  It is
actually hard for me to make good examples since I already know how
the programs work.  Good examples are something the people on this
list could put together and contribute.  That would be extremely
welcome and an excellent, non-programmer's way of giving something
back to Matt and I.


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