[Ifeffit] ifeffit and Mac OSX

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Oct 7 19:09:02 CDT 2002

Hi Raja,

On Mon, 7 Oct 2002, rajasekaran swaminathan wrote:
> Hi Matt,
>  I tried again over the past few days to install the binary
> installer on my mac (OS X.2). I couldn't find an attached aquaterm
> / pgplot demo. The Aquaterm program opens, but I cannot see any
> windows come out from that application. I mean, it is just like a
> blank application. When I type ifeffit on Terminal app, it doesnt
> recognise the presence of ifeffit in the ifeffitosx directory. i.e.
> it says that the command is not found. The executable works
> perfectly well on a Windows machine, and I was wondering whether
> there are any such equivalents for a Macintosh machine. I also dont
> think that the installer comes with athena/artemis/tkatoms etc.. Do
> you have any other recommendations to resolve this issue? Also,if
> it is possible, can I get a CD of these programs for a Macintosh
> equivalent to an executable version for the Windows?
> I appreciate your help in this regard.

I have used the binary installer once on a OS 10.1 system. It worked
for me (after following the simple included instructions, of course)
and plotting with Aquaterm did work.  I haven't tried 10.2.

I know the Mac binary installer does not include athena, artemis, or
tkatoms.  I believe it only provides the command-line ifeffit.  I'm
not sure I can answer many other questions about it.  I don't know
enough about it or 10.2 v. 10.1 issues to know how well it would work
with 10.2.  If the aquaterm/pgplot demos don't work, I'd guess it's a
more serious problem and that the binary installer may not work.

Is the Fink / X-Windows / PGPLOT installation procedure too big of a
hassle?  I know that can work, and that athena will work too.  I also
believe that the instructions are simpler for 10.2 than 10.1
(especially with respect to getting perl/Tk to work), but haven't
tried this myself.

I'm copying this message to the ifeffit mailing list, hoping that
someone else may have better answers to these questions.

How necessary is a complete binary installer for Mac OSX?



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