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Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Nov 22 14:32:14 CST 2002


I trust you will not mind if I respond to the ifeffit mailing list.
You question is of general interest.

 > On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, "Ning Chen" <Ning.Chen at lightsource.ca> said:

 NC> Hi Bruce: I am wondering if it is possible to add note to the
 NC> figure inside the "Graphic window"?

Hmmm.... no one has ever asked for that before.  Good question!

There is a way.  It's not particularly convenient, but it's not
particularly difficult either.

Here is an example:


I made this first by clicking on the red "kq" button.  Then, in the
edit menu, I selected "Ifeffit buffer".  At the bottom of the little
window that popped up, there is a box with a label that says
"Ifeffit>".  That text box allows the user to interact directly with
ifeffit by typing in explicit commands.  Here is a picture:


To get the text string in the plot, I typed:

   plot_text(x=7, y=-0.3, text="Hi Ning!")

which tells Ifeffit to put the indicated text string at the indicated

The same thing could be done the same way in Artemis.

Obviously, this could be made more user friendly by, for example,
having Athena or Artemis prompt you to click on a spot in the plot
window and then prompt you for a text string.  I'll put that on the
TODO list.

Please note that using the plot_text command as I describe above will
trigger the minor bug described by Matt earlier this week on this


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