[Ifeffit] Problems with Mac OS X build of Ifeffit 1.0075

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Wed Nov 6 20:39:44 CST 2002

The makefile included with the new version of ifeffit 1.0075 is broken, 
specifically it lacks a dependency for build.in as you can see from the 
pasted text below:

[Quark:ifeffit_1.0b/src/macosx] paulfons% make
make: *** No rule to make target `../lib/build.in', needed by 
`../lib/build.h'.  Stop.

I sucessfully built most of the internal modules by invoking their make 
sequence with commands of the form "make ifeffitlib.a, make feffit, 
etc.), but make all fails.  This is apparently due to the file build.h 
being dependent on build.in.  This smells of automake configuration 
which I don't understand and I was hoping some brave sole would be able 
to offer a fix (Hi Matt!) or perhaps suggest to comment out the 
offending line in the Makefile if it doesn't cause problems.  Thanks 
for any help!

Along these lines, what is the problem with the configure setup for 
OSX, is it a big problem to get the "standard" unix install procedure 
to work for os x or is there some difficult problem (this is coming 
from someone who knows nothing about automake).


On 2002.11.6, at 06:27 AM, Matt Newville wrote:

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