[Ifeffit] FEFF6L - Lite EXAFS only version of FEFF6 source code

John J. Rehr jjr at leonardo.phys.washington.edu
Tue Nov 5 16:16:35 CST 2002

Dear Feff developers,

  In an effort to facilitate the development of EXAFS analysis
software, the FEFF Project has made available the source code
for a "lite" subset of the FEFF6 distribution sufficient for EXAFS
analysis, named FEFF6L.  Thus cross-sections and XANES capabilities of
FEFF6 are disabled in FEFF6L. A copy of the FEFF6L distribution can
be found (shortly) on the FEFF Developer download pages. The subroutines
are distributed with a License that permits redistribution without
a license fee; see the LICENSE in the distribution for details.

c Distribution:  FEFF6L
c Copyright (c) [2002] University of Washington
c This software was prepared in part with US Government Funding under
c DOE contract DE-FG03-97ER45623.
c Redistribution and use of this Distribution in source and binary
c formats, with or without modification is permitted, provided the
c following conditions are met:
c Redistributions must retain the above notices and the following list
c of conditions and disclaimer;
c Modified versions carry the marking
c     "Based on or developed using Distribution: FEFF6L
c      Copyright (c) [2002] University of Washington"

  The distribution FEFF6L should not be confused with the full distribution
of FEFF6. Also the FEFF Project will continue to develop advanced versions of the
FEFF codes which will be distributed with the UWOTT License and license fee.

  Comments on this EXAFS version are welcome.

  FEFF Project PIs
  J. J. Rehr
  A. L. Ankudinov

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