[Ifeffit] rebinning data

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Nov 4 17:52:31 CST 2002

Matt said in response to Carlo's post about a rebinning algorithm:

 MN> Yes -- that would be great!!  I've been sort of lax on this
 MN> topic, and have not done anything to implement an automated
 MN> binning mechanism.  If you're happy with this approach, I'd be
 MN> willing to try to put this in the core, either as a separate
 MN> command, or as part of the spline() command.

I think it is much more appropriate to have a rebinning command or to
let the GUI do it than to put it in the spline() command.  The reason
I say this is that one may want to examine the binned and unbinned
data side-by-side.  For example, it would be interesting to have
binned and unbinned data as separate data groups in Athena so that
they may be overplotted in k or R.  If rebinning is part of the
spline() command than ifeffit has to worry about binned and unbinned
output channels.  It seems to me to be more conceptually transparent
to do something like this:

    read_data(foo.dat, type=xmu, group=a)
    spline(a.energy, a.xmu)

    bin(a.energy, a.xmu, group=b, <<other binning parameters>>)
    spline(b.energy, b.xmu)

    newplot(a.k, a.chi, key=unbinned)
       plot(b.k, b.chi, key=binned)

The other advantage of a bin() command separate from spline() is that
you can then rebin any kind of data, not just mu(E) data.

Just my 2 cents worth,

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