[Ifeffit] Update athena problems

Norbert Weiher norbertweiher at yahoo.de
Thu Mar 28 05:11:02 CST 2002

Dear friends,

I tracked down the athena installation problems to the point that it's 
definitively a bug in the perl wrapper for ifeffit. Even re-compiling my gcc 
suite didn't solve this problem. All suggestions given by Matt and Bruce have 
not been successful so far. Maybe someone here got athena running on a linux 
box (I have SuSE 7.2) and experienced the same? Could it be the gcc version I 
use (2.95.3)? Include paths, etc seem to be okay.

The build of the wrapper works, but the make test still aborts with the 
message I posted... gifeffit & ifeffit work fine. Any new suggestions on this 

Dipl. Chem. Norbert Weiher (norbertweiher at yahoo.de)
Institute for Chemistry - Takustr. 3 - 14195 Berlin
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