[Ifeffit] ifeffit on Windows ME

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Tue Mar 26 21:02:07 CST 2002


> I got an interesting bug report a few days ago which I could only
> partly address.  A fellow asked me:
>  > I have installed the IFEFFIT package in my computer (WIN ME). The
>  > installation software seems to work ok. However, when I try to run
>  > the *.bat files, I have the following message, repeated twice: "out
>  > of environment space".  Despite these messages athena, gifeffit and
>  > ifeffit are runnig ok.  However, tkatoms.bat and apt.bat don't run
>  > at all.
> I understand that the "out of environment space" problem results from
> the rather awkward way the old Windows operating systems handled
> "conventional" memory and the amount of memory dedicated to holding
> the values of environment variables.  It seems reasonable that this
> message turns up when our .bat files are run since they add to the
> environment.  I suppose that an environment that is already nearly
> full could be tipped by our .bat files.

I have similar problems on a Win98 box.  I eventually got
tkatoms.bat to run by hacking away at the PATH setting inside
tkatoms.bat. I never got apt.bat to run.

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