[Ifeffit] ifeffit on Windows ME

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Mar 25 14:29:07 CST 2002

Howdy folks,

I got an interesting bug report a few days ago which I could only
partly address.  A fellow asked me:

 > I have installed the IFEFFIT package in my computer (WIN ME). The
 > installation software seems to work ok. However, when I try to run
 > the *.bat files, I have the following message, repeated twice: "out
 > of environment space".  Despite these messages athena, gifeffit and
 > ifeffit are runnig ok.  However, tkatoms.bat and apt.bat don't run
 > at all.

I understand that the "out of environment space" problem results from
the rather awkward way the old Windows operating systems handled
"conventional" memory and the amount of memory dedicated to holding
the values of environment variables.  It seems reasonable that this
message turns up when our .bat files are run since they add to the
environment.  I suppose that an environment that is already nearly
full could be tipped by our .bat files.

See, for example,

The second part of the question stumps me.  Why do three of the codes
work, but tkatoms and the periodic table not run?  The tkatoms
executable is, in fact, larger than athena, but the periodic table is
smaller.  And the periodic table does not use Ifeffit, which should
make its memory demands even smaller.

So does anyone have any wisdom for Windows ME? ("Upgrade" and other
snippy comments are not helpful! ;-) Has anyone been able to use these
codes on 98 or ME?


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