[Ifeffit] new Athena release, version 2002.03.08

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Mon Mar 11 15:28:47 CST 2002


I just posted a new release of the athena source code.  I have not yet
made a new windows binary.  This version is 2002.03.08.

New in this release:

  ** Phase corrected Fourier transforms (requires ifeffit 1.0069 or
     later) which make use of tables of central atoms phase shifts as
     I discussed on the feffdevel list
  ** Spline clamps, both high and low, but with discrete, menu-chosen
     scaling factors.  This is not yet documented, but the basic idea
     is that you can put restraints at the high and low end of the
     spline range in the autobk algorithm to coerce the spline to go
     through the data at those points.  Try autobk with the high clamp
     set to Strong -- very cool!
  ** a few bug fixes -- as always ;-)

Kind of a small list, but PCFTs and spline clamps are both fairly
major bits of user functionality, so it seemed worth making a new

As always, point your browser at 
for the latest.


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